About the Authors

Clinical research is our day-to day business.

Although our expertise might be different, we have one common goal:
to live clinical research as effective as possible. Here we share our experience, our opinions, our mistakes and lessons learned.
We discuss newest developments and trends and try to provide you with a free knowledge base for clinical research.

We hope you enjoy reading and wish you success for your next projects!

“From practitioners for practitioners”

Authors of GKM Gesellschaft für Therapieforschung mbH

Siegfried K. Hippe

Member of Advisory Board

2 Cents on Medicine 96%
Regulatory 80%

Dr. Dieter Schremmer

Member of Advisory Board

Study Design 91%
Biostatistics 98%

Rupert Lang

Chief Executive Officer

Study Management 97%
Medical Devices 82%

Dr. Michael Obermeier

Head of Biostatistics

Study Design 91%
Biostatistics 98%

Dr. rer. nat. Andrea Röthler

Head of Project Management, Manager Regulatory Affairs Medical Devices

Study Management 88%
Medical Devices 96%

Dr. med. Christoph Engler

Head of Medical Advising and Clinical Safety (provisional)

Study Design 79%
2 Cents on Medicine 91%
Safety 73%

Susanne Groll

Manager Quality Assurance/ Regulatory Submission

Study Management 81%
Regulatory 98%

Alexandra Grünbauer

Health Economic Outcome Research Specialist

Study Design 81%
Value Dossier 98%

Laura Suhlrie

Business Development Manager

Study Design 80%
Data, eCRF 60%

Dr. Stefanie Kalus

Senior Biostatistician

Biostatistics 98%
Study Design 70%

Dr. Regina Hampl


Biostatistics 90%
Study Design 71%

Dr. Julia Sommer


Biostatistics 91%
Study Design 71%

Dr. Korbinian Weigl

Biostatistician, Health Economic Outcome Research Specialist

Study Design 81%
Biostatistics 80%
Value Dossier 98%

Lena Schmidbauer

Research assistant

Regulatory 60%
Biostatistics 60%

Dr. rer. nat. Ramona Schütz

Medical Advisor

Study Design 90%
Regulatory 80%
Value Dossier 80%

Guest Authors

Cornelia Wolf

Freie Seniorberaterin Kliniken & Klinische Forschung innoVance

Data, eCRF, Technical 98%
Study Design 78%

Alexander Puschilov

Co-Founder viomedo

Data, eCRF, Technical 98%
Study Design 78%

Former Employees of GKM

Dr. med. Alexandre Patchev, PhD

formerly Head of Medical Advising & Clinical Safety

Study Design 91%
2 Cents on Medicine 80%
Safety 95%

Dr. Stefanie Patchev

formerly Manager Content Marketing

Study Management 71%
2 Cents on Medicine 75%
Study Design 88%

Dr. Pawandeep Kaur Bollinger

formerly Clinical Research Associate

Study Management 91%
Study Design 68%

Sarah Horacek

formerly Research Assistant

Regulatory 60%
Biostatistics 60%

Julia Schmidt

formerly Research Assistant

Regulatory 60%
Study design 60%